In this post, we would like to share the latest changes and additions to our API. in version 2.1 we have added some new features:

  1. Services

    Throughout the API we have added the possibility to retrieve configured services from our API for both OBE and PMS specifications. For the OTA specifications we added the possibility to retrieve the services from an OTA in order to map them internally to a PMS. Please refer to the OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfo pages to find more information.

  2. HotelAvailGetRQ

    For the OBE specifications we have added the HotelAvailGetRQ. This request provides the ability to request availability details for hotel properties by specific criteria that may include dates, date ranges, rates, rooms and products. For example to fill calendars on a Booking Engine.

  3. RatePlans & RoomPlans

    In the OTA_HotelRatePlanRS for OBE and PMS Specifications we added RatePlans. Instead of connecting with Rates, you can also connect on RatePlan level. This will give your clients the possibility to work with derived rates in the channel manager. These derived rates will be calculated from the RatePlan. In the HotelDescriptiveInfoRS for OBE and PMS Specifications we also added RoomPlans. RoomPlans will give hotels the possibility to sell several roomplans as one room type on an OTA. The sort order in these roomplans will define to which room type in the PMS a reservation will be delivered first.

  4. Certification

    In the procedure page we added some more information about the certification process and what to expect.

Last but not least we made several small changes and added more explanation on specific subjects and attributes where necessary.

In cae there are any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us!