Welcome to the new SmartHOTEL API platform. With this new platform we provide you with all necessary information to create an XML connection between your system and SmartHOTEL. Whether you are a PMS, an OTA or an OBE, all necessary information is here.

And if not; please contact us to see what we can do for you to get your questions answered, challenges solved or maybe even have your desired functionlaity added in the API.

We will keep this platform alive by updating and enhancing it as much as possible, add new functionalities and fill the FAQ with all your questions.  All your suggestions are more than welcome.

Compared to our old API we have changed some things. We are now fully compliant to the OTA Standard and use a subset of OTA2016A. Also, due to enhanced security, you will need an API Key besides the hotelID and password.

We also changed some parts of the message flow:

OBE Specifications:

Actually, this set of specifications is brand new and added to the API. It gives you the opportunity to create your own booking front end and get availability from the channel manager and push reservations through the channel manager into a PMS.

PMS & OTA Specifications:

  • We changed the way to pick up the hotel setup. In the old API we used one call to pick up both rooms and connected rates. In the new API we will work with two separate calls. One for rooms and one for rates and connected rooms.
  • We also changed the calls to send us availability and restrictions. Both types now have their own call to update either availability or restrictions. In the old specifications we used one combined message to update both types.
  • The reservation retrieval for PMS systems stayed the same on most parts. Only the last confirmation has been changed. Where bofore a OTA_HotelResNotifRS was expected, we now use the OTA_HotelResModifyRQ.
  • Reservation delivery for OTAs changed only for cancellations. Where before we expexted a modification with status “cancel”, we now expect the OTA_CancelRQ.